Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions


Who are SmartInstall?

Check out our about us page to see who we are.

Why should I buy from SmartInstall?

Unlike traditional home security companies, SmartInstall do not tie you into lengthy contracts or equipment hire agreements. The equipment you pay for is yours. We are focussed on providing affordable Smart Home security products backed up with excellent customer service.

Who will install my SmartInstall system?

We have experienced and professional installation engineers.

I need new plug sockets fitting for my system – can you help?

Yes, we can recommend a regulated system installer. Please call us to discuss.

I have had my installation, and I want some extra items adding – can this be done?

Yes – all accessories are available to buy after your installation at the listed prices. If you want our engineers to install them, we will levy a charge for the engineer to visit (unless the installation coincides with an annual service or maintenance visit) – please contact us for more information.

How long does an installation take?

Dependant on the complexity of the install, alarm and elderly care systems usually take around 2 hours. For CCTV, we allow longer due to the additional work involved.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Us! We operate the support lines here in the UK for all of our customers. With every install, you will also receive a self-help manual which answers most support questions. Please call 0121 634 8080.

Does SmartInstall system offer any insurance?

No. The installation of any SmartInstall systems into your premises does not constitute the provision of insurance to you.

Do you undertake Commercial / Business work?

We have a commercial partner who we would be happy to introduce you to for business to business sales

Smart Home Alarm & Care System FAQ’s


Do I need a telephone or internet line for my Alarm or Care system?

No. The signalling and alerts are done via a dedicated sim card.

Are the Alarm detectors pet friendly?

Our standard PIR motion detectors are designed with Pet immunity up to 25kgs

Do I have to pay for SMS / Calls from my Alarm or Care system?

The calls and texts that our system sends you are all included within your monthly service package (subject to fair usage) meaning you will never have to ‘top up’.

However if you are sending messages to the device for setup or operation – your own mobile network provider may charge for this. The Sim card included is a UK based service, and normally texts to this will be included in your own personal mobile price plan. Please check with your phone network provider if you are unsure.

Can i have a ‘part set’ on my Alarm system?

Yes. Unlike some other systems, you can configure all of your detectors to be in part set or full set mode – not just the motion detectors. Your install engineer will go through this with you.

I am paying a monthly service charge for my Alarm / Care System – can I change or cancel it?

Our monthly service charges differ based on the type of service you receive. If you do wish to cancel, you can at any time – however, all connectivity (i.e. text and call alerts), warranty and support will stop once cancelled. If you do cancel, we cannot reinstate the service. If you wish to change your service level, please contact us.

Does the Alarm system automatically inform the Police?

No. The system alerts to intrusion via SMS and/or phone calls to the nominated numbers programmed in. It also has a siren alarm function.

What happens to my Alarm / Care System if I get a power cut?

The main control panel has an internal lithium battery backup, all accessories and detectors are battery powered.

What happens if my batteries run out?

All SmartInstall equipment is designed to alert the primary user via SMS that the battery in the unit needs changing. If you are on the gold service level, all batteries will be replaced on your annual service visit.

Can I get an NSI certificate for my installation?

No. The SmartIntsall system is unregulated and does not conform to NSI regulations. We can however recommend a suitable installer, please call us on 0121 634 8080.

My insurance company has specified that I have an insurance approved alarm installed

If you or your insurance company require this functionality, we can recommend a suitable installer, please call us on 0121 634 8080.

Smart CCTV System FAQ’s


Do I need an internet connection for my CCTV system?

If you want to view live footage and recording from your smart device, a working broadband connection is required.

To connect my CCTV to the internet, will you need to configure my router?

Dependant upon who your broadband is with, we may need to access your router’s setting to allow the main DVR to connect to the internet. Your engineer will handle this on the day of the install.

Can I have more than 4 cameras on my CCTV system

Yes. Although our standard systems allow for up to 4 cameras, we have access to many more CCTV solutions – please call us for more information.

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