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Top 5 tips to make your home more secure

5) Keep windows and doors locked

It sounds simple, but by using the window and door lock, many a would-be opportunist thief would be stopped in their tracks.

4) Get friendly with your neighbours

Knowing a few of your close neighbours can help. Even if it's just a friendly 'morning' on the way to work or a casual chat over the fence, your neighbours will be as concerned about burglary as you are. If you can, talk to them.

3) Don't leave expensive items on display

Whilst they might look great in the front room, the latest iMac on the designer table next to the window is advertising for a thief.

2) Consider CCTV with Night Vision

A properly installed CCTV system with night vision will not only record incidents that happen, but also the cameras will act as a deterrent for an intruder.

1)  Install an alarm

Getting a burglar alarm installed by a professional company is our number one tip. Already have an alarm? If so, great - but does it work? do you use it? have you tested it recently?

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